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Company Visit to PT Sido Muncul

by Kesya Hanna Rosalie


Able to make it at The Top 50 Listed Companies for 2019 by Forbes Indonesia, Sido Muncul is attracting attention from job seekers. To further explore what’s inside this company, the External Affairs division of SBE UISC 2021 successfully held a virtual company visit on June 18, 2021.

President of SBE UISC 2021, Afina Zamara, was on hand to open the event with her welcoming speech. Pak Jeffry Chandra, the Plant Manager of PT Sido Muncul, and Bu Mia Maharani, the Public Relation of PT Sido Muncul, were the speakers on the day. They gave their first introduction and brief perspective about what they do there as an opening.

In the first session, they showed the profile of PT Sido Muncul. The company was established in 1940 as a home business in Surakarta, Jawa Tengah. Its founder, Rakhmat Sulistio, had formulated a recipe for a jamu which she called Tujuh Angin, later known as Tolak Angin. With her expertise in making jamu and handling spices, her husband decided to open a jamu stall in Yogyakarta.

Right now, Sido Muncul is still spreading its business wings, expanding even larger manufacturing jamu, food, and cosmetics products. On December 18, 2013, Sido Muncul had 109 distributors across Indonesia. The company went public through an initial public offering at the Indonesian Stock Exchange, becoming the first herbal medicine company to list there.

In terms of new development, Sido Muncul puts forward innovation, knowledge, and technology in running production processes of every offered product and also in moving forward to extend the company’s businesses. They take a professional approach in waste treatment in order to maximize the utility of materials and eliminate pollution, making them an environmentally friendly company.

The extensive impact of COVID-19 affected the company’s business activities. During the pandemic, the company took the opportunity from “back to nature” and healthy lifestyle trends and launched 16 new products, including herbal products, supplements, and vitamins which received tremendous response from the market in 2020. The company tried to move quickly to adapt to this challenging situation by restructuring its business strategy and building up new initiatives to achieve the best outcomes.

At the end of the session, participants were allowed to ask and discuss further with the speakers. From this session, we know that in Sido Muncul, majors like pharmacy, food engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering get the most job offers. Pharmacists will mainly work in laboratories. Chemical engineers’ main duties are to design factories (process, energy sources, efficiency, tools). They primarily devote their time to developing manufacturing processes for chemical components. Industrial engineers play a role in the management and human resources, also how to make an efficient process. They tend to coordinate teams of people and have the potential to move into management positions. Mechanical and electrical engineers focus more on machine and physical products.

We also learn that the most important work ethic in Sido Muncul is to be discipline in time. Employers will look at the ability of interns to meet their deadlines and offer high-quality work. Their effort to meet or exceed expectations shows that they’re disciplined and committed to the job. For current internships, there are limited opportunities available. Concerning the coronavirus outbreak, the office has closed the registration.

Last but not least, the event was closed by giving a token of appreciation. While still being held virtually, the event has brought us opportunities to learn about the company’s culture which help us prepare to match the requirements for life after college.

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