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Competition 101

By Felix Chiesa


The Competition 101 was a training program from the collaboration of SBE UISC and AIChE UISC. The aims were to provide training for the members in preparation for future competitions and hopefully be a push of motivation for those who would start their journey of competing. The program is also in line with the value of the organizations, whom intent to be of service to society and the nation. Nowadays, there are numerous competitions dedicated to benefit the society and nation, such as product design and case studies with themes that mirror the situations in Indonesia. It is critical to know that by holding training, members can be empowered to participate in competitions where they actively give their thought towards the problems in said situations, thus the goal of bringing benefits can be indirectly achieved. The program featured two episodes: product design and business case study. Each of the episodes was brought by professionals in their field who have had massive experiences in their particular competition.

The first episode starred Team Haman from Institut Teknologi Bandung, the winner of CPDC 2022. The team is comprised of Haydar Baheramsyah, Aurelia Priscella, Marcella Effelina, Angelo Mario Wijoyo, and Natasya. The event was held on the evening of Saturday, April 9th, 2022. It started at 13.00 West Indonesia Time with the MCs’ greetings and introduction of the guests. Afterwards, the main agenda was commenced by Team Haman with their presentation entitled “101 Ways to Ace Product Innovation”. At the beginning, we were introduced with the general stages and flow process of the competition. The introduction includes the important aspects in designing and some description about the themes and subthemes of the competition. Hereafter, we were given the instruction to write based of the format and the way to design the presentation. Moreover, the way to create product formulation, methodologies, and various analyses were also taught to us. Additionally, the speakers have advised us on how to produce a good innovation with tips and tricks based on their experiences. The presentation was then followed by a QnA session and focus group discussions that simulated product innovation proceedings.
“The topic was explained really well with guidance. During the simulation, my team designed a cosmetic ingredient made of chitin from shrimp wastes. We re-enact some of the guidance during our discussion, so they were helpful. Though, the time was really limited. I’d love to have more time to continue,” commented by one of the participants, Givon Fatakhul Khisan of Bioprocess Engineering Universitas Indonesia batch 2019.

The second episode of the program starred Kak Oktavia Larasati (Kak Ayas) who have brought the topic “How to Knack Business Competition” on Saturday night, April 16th, 2022, at 19.00 West Indonesia Time. Kak Ayas is an undergraduate management student of Universitas Brawijaya, who had won numerous awards in business case competitions. The lecturing session was initiated with an introduction to business case. From the introduction, we know that a good strategy is one that answers the needs of the company with measurable returns or benefits, which includes the benefit, risks, costs, and time into consideration in a measurable manner. After that, Kak Ayas introduced the key principle in solving problems, which was broken down into seven steps. The presentation is proceeded with some more detailed elaboration toward each of the steps, featuring several frameworks, analysis, and tools that could help us on delivering our insights and solutions. The session was also equipped with an interactive activity where we could state our perception of the situation, condition, and question based on a given example case. After that, the session was followed with a QnA session. A summary of the presentation was also shown as four key takeaways which are Mindset, be SMART, MECE, and Umbrella Solution.

“After few losses and downs, the biggest key to survive and win in business case: be resilient and do not give up easily” quoted by Kak Ayas, as to emphasize her point about the mindset.

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