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SBE UISC is interested in reaching members within and beyond the Chemical Engineering to those interested in enriching their bio-engineering knowledge. By signing up as a member, you will be registered as a member in SBE UISC as well as SBE International under AIChE. Perks of being a member of SBE UISC includes internal competitions, guest lecture, national seminars, company visit, and many more. 

Membership of SBE UISC 

SBE Member Benefits

  1. Access to professional exposure and networking

  2. Access first-hand information from academic and industrial experts on the leading edge of biological engineering discovery and application through webinars and publications

  3. Effective ideas implementation in various competitions

  4. Get a chance  to attend process engineering competition training

  5. Enjoy SBE's monthly e-newsletter and the semiannual BioSupplement to Chemical Engineering Progress regarding upcoming bioengineering news and events

  6. Access all of SBE UISC’s programs and get reminders for the events

  7. Access learning booklet & interactive presentation about bioenergy and herbal technology-related topics 

  8. Get a chance to win a reward through SBE Rewarding System 

    • A pass to enter the Asian Congress on Biotechnology organized under Asian Federation of Biotechnology

    • Online Course / Physical Book

    • SBE UISC 2022 Merch

Contact Person

we'd love to help you register yourself!

Theresia Evelyn
Deputy Director of HRD


ID LINE : theresiaevelynoc

Tarisa Amalia

Deputy Director of HRD


ID LINE : tarisarhd

Lovely Dhillon

Deputy Director of HRD


ID LINE : lovelyydhillon

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